The Building

Battery Park Apartments, Asheville North Carolina

Getting to Know Battery Park Apartments

There are three open bathrooms in the building – one on the second floor (looking up from the lobby, to your right).  The second one on the top (RG) floor. When you get off of the elevator, go through the door to your left and it is down the hall on your right. The third is in the basement, near the elevators.

Cart Room: Located at the end of the 1st floor hallway that is accessed by the handicap ramp. There is an emergency exit door. The Cart Room is on the right side of that hall. Please return all carts to this location so that they are available for others to use.

Community Room & Free Table: Located in the basement. As you exit the elevator, it is up the hall on your left at the moment, but in a bit it will move to Donna’s old office at the end of the hall. Feel free to donate or partake of what you find. All items are free. We ask that you do not resell any items you find. Do not leave trash or recycling in the room. Do not leave any fabric items in Free Room to prevent the spread of bed bugs. There are individuals from the community who bring in food items several times a week, Monday mornings and some other days during the week. (This room will move to Donna’s old office and the library will go here after it is painted, carpeted, etc.)

Computer Room: Located on the 2nd floor, 2 doors down from the laundry room on your right. It is available for resident use only. Internet access is available, as well as email and social networking. There is no printer.

Emergencies: Residents should call 911 in the case of a medical emergency or fire. If you have a non-medical maintenance emergency, call 844-999-9123. Leave a brief message and someone will call you right back.

Groceries: Please unload your groceries at the back door, but do not block the driveway for more than 20 minutes at a time. Residents may not park in the alley behind the building. That is reserved for staff.

Laundry Room: Located on the 2nd floor. Turn left as you exit the elevator and go down the ramp. At the end of the ramp, take a right. The laundry room is on your left. Management will give you a “Laundry” card to use with the machines.

Library: Located on the 1st floor, main lobby. Books are for all to borrow. Please put returned books and donated books in the wicker basket. Contact librarian  Julie Parker with questions/ideas. The library will be moving to the free room soonish.


View from above

Mail: The mailboxes are to the right as you enter the lobby from the front door. Outgoing mail is through the door to the right of the mailboxes.

Manna Days: Manna Food Bank is a local non-profit that provides food items to various organizations throughout WNC. Battery Park Apartments brings food in for residents to enjoy once a month. Even though we purchase basic items from the Food Bank at a low cost, all items are free to residents. Residents have access to food items during designated times which are posted each month. Please bring your own bag. Food distribution takes place in the Roof Garden on the 13th floor (labeled RG in the elevator). Should you need food at any time during the month, you can go to the Services Coordinator for non-perishable items. Watch for a reminder sign in the elevator for the time for your floor to go.

Non-Emergency Issues/Work Orders: If you have a maintenance issue, call 844-999-9123 and leave a work order request on the voicemail.  They are not required to wait for your presence in order to perform the requested maintenance, or to enter your apartment in the event of an emergency in an adjoining apartment.

Orkin: Pest control visits the building every Monday. There is a Preventative Extermination Schedule available from the Manager. GOOD NEWS: We have arranged with Orkin to “go green”!

Parking: Battery Park has a limited number of resident parking spots located on Haywood Street (across the street at the back of building, adjacent to the lot for the Catholic Church). There are handicap spaces surrounding the building. The Civic Center and other municipalities provide paid parking options. Let them know you are a resident and you should be able to receive a discount on the monthly permit. There are 5 parking spaces located in the alley behind the building that are reserved for staff. See PARKING for more information.

Patio: A lovely place to hang out with friends and people watch.

Recycling Room & Rules: The recycling room is located in the basement. As you exit the elevator and exit the ramp there is a door on your right that appears to be a closet with the guidelines pertaining to recycling. There is no recycling on Wednesday. Containers are set out for pick-up during that time. Paper & Cardboard should be taken to the large metal container outside labeled “Cardboard”. All recycling should be rinsed so as not to attract bugs.

Rent: As you exit the elevators on the first floor, right across from you is a box on the wall marked RENT. Rent is due no later than the 5th at 5pm.

Battery Park Apartments, Roof Garden

Roof Garden: Located on the 13th floor (RG on the elevator). It is available for private resident-hosted events. See Donna to reserve the room and obtain a key for the kitchen. There is a $25 refundable deposit. The Roof Garden should be left clean and furniture should be returned to its original position.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed anywhere on Battery Park Apartments premises.

Trash Chutes: Each floor, 2-12, has a trash chute. The 13th floor, or Roof Garden, should use the chute on the 12th floor. Chutes are located on the NW side of the building. Please do not use the chute from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM out of respect to your neighbors.

Visitors: Visitors may only be admitted by the resident they wish to visit. Please do not admit anyone that you are not familiar with. Residents are responsible for the behavior and actions of their visitors. When visitors punch your apartment on the keypad at the front door (with an “0” in front of the number unless you are on a floor 10 or above) you hit “#9” on your phone to buzz them in. In other words, if you live in apt. 909, they hit 0909 on the keypad.

Our idiosyncrasies: All floors below the third floor exist on a couple of levels. Someone from our welcoming committee will be happy to show  you around and explain how it works.

Rainy day in April

In-House Events & Activities:

There are many resident-sponsored things to do in the building, and many residents who enjoy spending time with one another. You can be as involved, or uninvolved, as you want to be.

See our calendar of building activities open to all residents is distributed at the beginning of each month by the Services Coordinator. There will be listings for events, seminars, classes, entertainment, exercise opportunities, and much more. Information about upcoming activities/events will also be posted throughout the building.