Important Info About Recycling

by Julie Parker

Zero Waste AVL is a campaign encouraging Asheville residents to send less trash to the landfill. The City has set a goal of 50% waste reduction by 2035, and we need your help! Zero Waste AVL is your opportunity to learn how to extend the life of our landfill and be a more conscious consumer. Please take a look at detailed info about our recycling!  Let’s get on board with the Zero Waste campaign!

Please be aware that volunteers from the building go through our recycling by hand to sort out things that should not be recycled. Some tips:

Please WASH all cans, bottles, and jars.  Thanks!

Plastic bags cannot be recycled here… If you brought your stuff down in a plastic bag, please take it back home with you.

Waxed cartons (like for milk, juice, soup) cannot be recycled here

Paper and cardboard are recycled out back in the blue dumpster with the slit.

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