Death & How to Prepare for It

by Julie Parker

Many of you have asked for information on burial options, funerals, and Advance Directives. During the coming months we will have several sessions on how to prepare for our own death, or the death of a loved one. On January 10th, we will learn about two local organizations working to revive traditional burial practices and help people become more prepared for death.

Carolina Memorial Sanctuary honors the old ways by providing natural and simple burials. Meadows, woodlands, and creekside – The natural setting of the Sanctuary provides a peaceful and contemplative environment in which to lay loved ones to rest. The Sanctuary is available for burial of humans, our pet companions, or cremated remains.

Our physical bodies are well tended at the end of life, with many options available to us. But what happens with our spiritual and emotional integrity during the last months, weeks, days and hours? Do our loved ones know our wishes? What would “quality of life” mean to you during your last days? The Sanctuary’s sister organization, Center for End of Life Transitions, offers death and dying workshops, education, and home funeral guidance .
Come join us on Wednesday, January 10th @ 2:00 in the Roof Garden to learn more about these organizations and your end-of-life options.
Carolina Memorial Sanctuary & the Center of End of Life Transitions are non-profit projects of Anattasati Magga.

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