by Julie Parker

(posted by Julie Parker on Facebook the first day of spring)

WHAT AN ADVENTURE TODAY! First the electricity went out in the building where I live and then they got the electricity back but the elevators were still out. Since I live on the 9th floor I was stuck down in the basement (h/c entrance through the basement). With my current mobility issues, I can’t even get up to the 1st floor where a number of tenants had gathered waiting for the elevator to be fixed. I had been out when I heard of all the hooha and I thought I might have to sleep in my car if the elevators didn’t get fixed, but not wearing sox today and no wrap so with the possibility of snow, that plan wasn’t too enticing.

I went back home anyway to see what was up and ended up waiting for almost four hours in the basement, but it was fun! I got to watch the electricity folks swarming all over, working with great industry, the elevator guy came once the elec was back on, and some other folks fixed something else involved. The staff really stepped up to the plate helping folks who wanted to try to make the trek up, and they walked to the upper floors to rescue dogs that needed to go out. Our manager ordered pizza and water for all the workers and those stranded downstairs. Lots of diligent work and good will.

And a good friend came to bring me a phone charger since my phone was in the red zone, but his didn’t fit. So he WALKED UP TO THE 9TH FLOOR to fetch my charger!!!! Another dear friend had given me a bag of yummy chicken sandwiches leftover from a party so I had plenty to eat. I enjoyed interesting conversations with a variety of folks. Turned out it was a perfect storm – the backup generator blew and several other important things – but after almost 100 years in this beautiful old building, not bad. There was wonderful kindness and cooperation. Oh, and the fire alarm had blown out too so the staff was preparing to walk to EVERY FLOOR (14 floors counting the basement) EVERY 15 MINUTES ALL NIGHT LONG. They were doing with this good will and good humor, A big thumbs up to them! Reminded me of two of my favorite quotations: “Man is affected not by events, but by the view he takes of them” — Epictetus, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

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